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Misconceptions : A dialogue on our reproductive histories
A discussion on internal and external inputs that affect women’s perception of her reproductive power. A safe space will be created to allow women to examine the effect misinformation, personal fears and feelings of insecurities have on choices she makes.

Childbirth Education Series

      This class series can be customized for adults or young people. Parents learn non-mainstream birthing options such as: homebirth, midwife as provider, coping without medication, non-circumcision, vaccination alternatives as well as: medical technologies, hospital birth, cesarean birth, risk, benefits and alternatives to interventions, anatomy and physiology of labor, nutrition, postpartum, feeding options and early parenting skills.

This is Your Life
Interactive, experiential workshop where women will explore who they are, what they want and how to get it. Through a combination of lecture, individual work, partner work and group work, women will reconnect with their childhood dreams and explore the path their lives have taken since then. By the end of the session women will have a preliminary roadmap that will help them make future decisions and the tools to adjust it as necessary. Can be adapted for prenatal or postpartum conversations.

Come Out of the Dark: Finding Your Purpose
Discover what you were born to do. Learn how to use your life experiences to create a force to move you toward your mission. What are You Creating?
In this workshop, you will answer the question: What are you creating? by taking a mirror to your life to evaluate your choices up until now. Learn how noticing your results can move you forward

It’s All Relative
Learn how your family’s health affects your health. Consider that our American diet might be a critical factor. Learn some startling statistics as well as simple health choices.

Healthy Living For All
Learn how your body operates and what it needs to remove toxins that lead to arthritis, allergies, high blood pressure, heart disease, headaches, colds, digestive disorders, and weight issues.

The Spirituality of Birth
Find and acknowledge your intuition during conception and pregnancy. Learn how you apply this intuition to facilitate a wholistic birth experience.

Debt Free Living
Get or stay debt free using a simple and unique money management system.

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