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7 pendulums as of Jan 9 2015

What is a pendulum?

A pendulum is a small weight attached to a length of long thin material (cord, string, chain) that when dangled, helps you see in a tangible way what your energy is saying.  They can help you connect with the collective unconscious.

How does one use a pendulum?

Hold the end of the chain so that the weight is hanging freely and think of a question that would have a YES or NO answer. Don’t be attached to the answer, meaning be ok with either a YES or a NO. Your pendulum will either swing back and forth or sideways to indicate it does not have an answer right now; or it will circle right or circle left indicating a YES or NO answer. Generally a circle to the right (clockwise) is a YES, but you should test yours to make sure. It might prefer to circle left (counter clockwise).

How should I begin?

After you choose the pendulum that you are drawn to, hold it in position and speak to it. Tell it that you think this might be the pendulum for you. Ask it to show you a YES – and wait. Whatever circular direction it goes in, would be your yes. Ask it to show you a NO. Watch for it to go in the other circular direction. If you are not getting a response, check yourself. Are you tense? Are you doubtful? Are you distracted? Center yourself. Ask again.

Why do they work?

In short:

  • We are made up of cells
  • Cells are made up of molecules
  • Molecules are made up of subatomic particles (think protons, neutrons, electrons)
  • Subatomic particles are individual energy particles or energy waves
  • Everything is energy
  • Nothing separates us
  • We are one
  • We are all connected to Universal One Mind

If we are all made up of teeny tiny particles, then those particles intermingle, not only with each other, but with all things. This means our energy impacts another’s energy, but you know this. We say laughter is contagious and anger begets anger. We affect each other because we are one.

So what does this have to do with pendulums?

Because we are all energy, our bodies vibrate magnetic waves that surround us. Our bodies communicate with the environment in a similar way. the pendulum connects with the subtle vibrations from our sub-conscious. This is why we affect and can be affected by other energies.

image from http://sc-to-the-h.blogspot.com/2011/01/energy.html

We might think of a rock or stone as just a rock or stone. But remember, everything is energy, so that rock or stone has energy. Hence, crystals. Different crystals represent different energies. I use them in my pendulums to enhance the specialness of each pendulum and create a stronger connection to the spirit of the user.

Each pendulum is intuitively designed with loving kindness by Kinyofu with many secret talents and a flair for elegance.

Each pendulum is made on demand. There are 7 styles to choose from. When you order, be sure to identify the stone and style of your choice. If you are ordering the Flag Swag pendulum, tell me the country and/or its associated colors. Based on availability, some stones/beads might be slightly different that shown. Each pendulum is between 4 1/2 and 7 inches.

Clear quartz is your basic stone, but you can consider the following list of stones, particularly if you are familiar with the Moon Magic 28 program, or if you simply want to use a stone that meets a need.  For information on how to use these stones to manifest your desires, check out www.moonmagic28.info. The pendulum is a great tool to have and use.

Check out the ETSY site to obtain your pendulum and other goodies.

Amethyst – enhances memory, improves motivation, insight, personal power and prosperity. Helps wither your creativity. Useful for throat & reproductive organs, healing, headaches, stress, and arthritis.

Black Tourmaline – energy, promotes self-confidence, disperses stress, protects against negative energy, strengthens immune system and useful for arthritis.

Bloodstone – courage, physical strength, self-esteem, enhances creativity, controls bleeding, strengthens immune system.

Carnelian – supports individuality & courage, life energy, motivation, stabilizes energy in home,and heals sores. Useful for kidney, allergies and fatigue.

Chrysoprase – dispels negative thoughts. Enhances courage and friendships. Useful for the immune system and releasing stress.

Citrine – enhances creativity, raises self esteem, positive attitude, confidence, energy, motivation, and happiness.Useful for thyroid and stomach.

Clear quartz – energy stone, energizes other stones. Useful for fatigue, arthritis and gastrointestinal disorders.

Jade – cleansing stone, represents purity, security, harmony, peace, attracts good luck and friendship. helps to release negative thoughts, Aids body’s filtration and elimination organs.

Pyrite – shields from negative energy, stone of protection, enhances intellect and memory.

Rose quartz – stone of love, gentleness, forgiveness, and peace. Strengthens heart and circulatory system.

Tiger’s eye – earthy, grounding, optimism, insight, personal power, prosperity, and helps blocked creativity. Useful for throat and reproductive organs.

Pendulums by Kinyofu

Check out the ETSY site to obtain your pendulum and other goodies.

African swag clear quartz

African Swag – clear quartz

Amethyst Galaxy – amethyst

Earth Goddess -banded carnelian / clear quartz

Earth Goddess -banded carnelian / clear quartz

Chrysophase Budda

Chrysophase Budda

Green Queen

Green Queen

Brownstone Dream

Stone sharkstooth – clear quartz

Two-sided Necklace (Reproductive Awakening)

Check out the ETSY site to obtain your pendulum and other goodies.

Suspended from a 20″ silver chain with a lobster claw clasp is a handmade glass pendant uniquely designed with two original art pieces sealed in resin.  The double-sided pendant features two images that support the woman’s reproductive agency /power. Encased in glass, this beautiful necklace is like getting two necklaces in one. On one side, the  necklace portrays the “Flower of Life”, and on the other, the Reproductive Awakening hallmark for womb power. All necklaces are attractively packaged, and ready for gifting. 

The necklace is a collaborative effort between myself (Kinyofu Mlimwengu), Barbara Rivera and Vikki, a local artist. The “Flower of Life” is a symbol of Empowered Birth Awareness Week, established by Barbara Rivera, founder of BirthPower.us with the intention of raising awareness about a woman’s right to make informed choices during pregnancy, birth and beyond. The Reproductive Awakening image reminds us that the womb is not only front and center in a woman’s life, but also at the seat of power in her hands. With this awareness, she is awakened to new possibilities.

As a birthworker and and Educating-Advocate for creating happy womb stories, I am honored to bring awareness to both campaigns. 

Please support Reproductive Awakening and the agency / power of women by purchasing a necklace for yourself, your friend, or your associate.


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Check out the ETSY site to obtain your pendulum and other goodies.

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