About Kinyofu

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As a Women’s Empowerment Specialist, Kinyofu not only trains women on wholistic birth and parenting issues, but also on life and health issues. Hundreds of families have been touched by her passionate support of their birth and beyond experiences. Kinyofu designs a variety of group experiences that promotes wholistic living through enlightened creation and conscious choices. Her presentations reflect life direction; financial empowerment; conscious living; health literacy; natural birth, and wholistic parenting.


About Choose To Evolve

Advocating for the empowerment and autonomy of women’s reproductive awareness, Choose To Evolve provides educational forums through curatorial exhibitions designed to aid women in exploring and healing their reproductive histories. Through the use of various art genres, personal narratives, consciousness raising and community action, our goal to forward the women’s health movement to the place where Black women speak about, advocate for, and feel passionate about their power to choose to conceive or not, but to do so without second- or third-party interference will be met.