“Reproductive Awakening”

Join me September 2014 for the launch of a roving exhibit called

Reproductive Awakening

where you get to claim to the world that it is

“My VaJayJay, My Womb, My Decision, My Right!”

“Reproductive Awakening: Narratives of Agency in Black America” will explore the historical, social, and political significance of the African American woman’s struggle for reproductive rights. Included will be a focus on Black Midwives, from the days of enslavement to present-day roles. Birth rights and abortion rights will also be featured as critical struggles that inform one another and require unified advocacy. If women are to claim or regain reproductive autonomy, advocates must resist manipulation and insist that a woman’s right to choose include control over how she gives birth.  The exhibit will tell the story of how women got here and what we can do to move forward together in strength.

Events will be held at:

The Museum of Women’s Resistance


279 Empire Blvd

(between Nostrand and Rogers Avenue)